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Episode 2 – Keeping the Ball Rolling!

Alright, so here’s the promised Episode 2!

Matt and I talk more baseball (focusing on the Yankees of course), some well known pitching prospects, the upcoming Mayweather v. Mosley fight, and much more.  Take a listen and tell us what you think.  You should also be able to get it in iTunes!  Just search the iTunes store for Goodman Brothers’ and it should be the first search item!

Enjoy, and remember, we welcome any comments are questions.  We’ll try to answer any questions or talk about suggested topics.

Episode 2

– Adam


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Matt and I would love your suggestions

So, the next podcast is coming up soon!  I’d like to get the interactivity between us and our listeners (as few as they may be right now) up and running by taking suggestions for topics to cover in the second podcast which we are recording on Sunday.

Comment on this post and hopefully we’ll be able to get to your suggestion(s).

Oh, and feel free to just email or comment in general!  We’d love the feedback/encouragement/calls to stop making your ears bleed!

Look out for the second installment, “Wow…we actually did a second episode…” this coming Monday.

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